100% Natural Latex

100% Natural Latex

Dreameasy’s Latex is a product of Mother Nature and is pure throughout. It is made by tapping the renewable sap of the rubber tree. No synthetic latex is used in its formulation because synthetic latex is made using petrochemicals, which can cause terrible environmental damage.

After a specialized heating process, the natural latex sap becomes a highly durable cushioning material. Its unique natural structure permits stretching up to 200% without any change to its original properties. This allows natural latex to resist body impressions and outlast other foam and coil support systems.

But natural latex is also a beautifully resilient material. It conforms to the shape of your body and relieves pressure points. By reducing shoulder and hip pain, and keeping your spine aligned, studies have shown that latex can reduce tossing and turning by up to 85%.

Eco-Pur Latex Mattresses

Our affordable collection of Latex Mattresses featuring only 100% Natural Latex.

Ekos Collection

A premium collection of Latex Mattresses.