Gel Mattresses

Gel Mattresses

SilverCool Gel Mattresses


This collection of mattresses features our exclusive NanoGelTM so you can enjoy the pressure-relieiving benefits of memory foam, without feeling hot.


1. The unique nano-structure of the gel absorbs the heat on the surface and draws it into the interior of the material.  The heat is then dissipated through specially fabricated air channels, or through air pockets organized in a matrix. The free flow of air regulates your body temperature while you sleep. Our unique gel technology is the result of many years of research and development.  We're proud to say that tests show that NANOGEL™ is 15 times cooler than other foams.

2. NANOGEL™ also ensures effective distribution of pressure, eliminating painful pressure points. The molecular structure of NANOGEL™ allows each gel section to move independently of the other. Consequently, NANOGEL™ responds to weight shifts immediately, allowing a sleeper to change positions effortlessly and without disturbing their sleep partner.

3. Lastly, the SilverCool Collection is the only gel mattress available enhanced with Silver Protection. Each mattress in this collection is antimicrobial. Nano-particles of the Silver metal are infused into the gel and foam to provide an anti-microbial shield.


Finally, each mattress is covered in a soft, handcrafted, premium fabric.  The high-quality stretch-knit fabrics work in tandem with the pressure-relieving NanoGelTM to provide a truly luxurious feel.