The Dreameasy Advantage

At Dreameasy, our focus is quality. Each aspect of the bed is scrutinized for quality – from the softness of the fabric, to the durability of the core support and comfort layers. Our products are continually tested in our product development lab. And it’s here that we keep track of research to do with sleep, and innovations in sleep surfaces.

We understand the science of sleep: Only a surface pressure of 28 mm Hj can ensure free blood circulation through the skin blood vessels. Higher surface pressures force you to constantly shift your body, and causes tossing and turning. But, we also understand that each of us is made different, and we have different sleeping preferences and interests. So, we provide for a wide range of choices in comfort, in construction, and in sleep surfaces.

Minimizing the impact of our products and processes on the environment is also top of mind for all of us at Dreameasy. We are proud to have been the first foam fabricator and mattress manufacturer to purchase green power. In addition, as part of our sustainable business focus, we have implemented a number of environmental programs to minimize our carbon footprint. We promote 100% biodegradable products (like our Natural Latex), we source raw materials locally where possible, use soy-based foam, and participate in a recycling program that prevents unused foam from entering landfill sites.

All in all, we can provide you with the bed that’s best suited to your lifestyle and health conditions - whether it is an adjustable air system, a natural latex mattress, a pressure-relieving memory foam bed, or a regular innerspring mattress.

With us, you’ll find a bed that maximizes your sleep, and re-energizes you each morning. You’ll have the best sleep you’ve ever had!