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More tips on Mattress Purchase

Lying on the Mattress before purchase Does Not Work

A simple “lie down” test cannot properly represent a full night’s sleep. Pressure builds with time and lying
on a mattress for several minutes, even up to 20, cannot measure true comfort and support.
Our sleep diagnostics tool takes the guessing games out of evaluating comfort. The tool will help select
the perfect mattress according to your body characteristics and size.

Finally how much money should I spend on buying mattress?

The price of the mattresses have a wide range depending upon the size and the material, it is made of.
When it comes to a good quality sleep and comfort, buy the best that you can afford. The importance of
a refreshing sleep in your overall well being is paramount. Therefore, it is not advisable to compromise
on your quality sleep and good health with a low quality mattress.
Buy the best mattress you can, and get the most of your life!

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