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Three “S” of your mattress

Softness, support and size are three important attributes you should look for while purchasing a mattress.

1) Softness

Softness of mattresses keeps your body comfortable and relaxed from all angles and contact points with body surface. Softness of mattress should be inline with support aspect of the mattress.

2) Support

Your mattresses should be solid enough to support and shape up accordingly to your body shape and sleeping pattern. Softness and support of your mattress goes hands-in-hand; too soft mattresses will not support your shoulders, hips and lower back as result, you will have body-ache. A good mattress should support your whole body and ensure spinal integrity.

3) Size

The third ‘S’ is size. Size does matter. Studies reveal that a healthy person moves 40-60 times a night with some 10-12 full body movements. To suit your body size, you have fifteen standard mattress sizes (of length and width) to choose from in 5 thicknesses: The Dimensions are in millimeters and in brackets inches.
Depending on if you’re sleeping with a partner, room size, your lifestyle, comfort preferences and support needs, body size, and budget, you can opt from above given standards.
In general, it is recommended to choose a bed that is at least 4-5 inches longer than you and your partner and wide enough so that you can sleep comfortably without overlapping your partner.

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