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An important question – What’s the Best Mattress for Me?

With technological advancements and increased consumer demand for comfort, inevitably the market will begin to cater with different varieties of mattresses. Having product knowledge is critical to making the best purchase for your sleeping comfort.Generally, mattresses are available in the following types: cotton, Coir, Foam, innerspring and memory foam.

• Cotton is still the most widely used mattress sleeping medium in India. It is layers of fluffed cotton and typically lasts about six months before beginning to compress. This is the least expensive option.

• Coir made of bonded coir with foam topping has caught the imagination of the people predominantly misinformed about the myth that a hard mattress is good for the back. Any orthopaedic doctor will disagree. Coir being a natural fibre and artificially propped up with latex has a tendency to sag after about 2 or 3 years of use.

• Foam mattresses offer incredible support and comfort and are an ideal way to have a good night’s sleep. It is well known and established world over as the best sleep medium.

• Innerspring is recent in introduction in India, selling the myth of the way the world presently sleeps. While it is true that it is the most widely used mattress system. It has been around for far longer than any other modern system. It is characterized by coiled metal springs layered between sheets of foam and padding. Usually lasts 6-10 years. In the west these are the cheapest mattresses

• Memory foam mattresses are made of higher-density foams instead of springs which are more expensive and provide excellent support to your body. There are several types of foam mattresses. Be wary as not all memory foam mattresses are alike.

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