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A Healthy Bed Checklist – I

By Eliana Jantz

O.K., so now its about time to investigate the quality of  your sleep environment. We’ve been improving many areas of our lives to enhance good health.  We’ve come great strides in the quality of food we eat,  clothing we wear,  the use of natural medicinals we ingest,  the routines and lifestyle patterns we adopt ­ now how about something as simple and important as the environment we sleep in.  Most of us relish the thought of slipping in between the sheets to surrender our wakefulness to the tranquility of a good nights sleep.  So how about making sure that it’s the best it can be.

  1. Are you using 100% natural fiber and “untreated,” breathable bedsheets?
  2. Is your mattress what it’s cracked up to be?
  3. Is your bed frame providing you with solid, “real” support?
  4. Do you understand and practice the art and science of maintaining the health of a “natural” bed?
  5. Is the appropriate use of wool-filled bedding fully understood and utilized in your bedding environment?
  6. Is the air quality in your room the best it can be?
  7. Is your bedroom nontoxic and bacteria-free?
  8. Is your bedroom your sanctuary?

10. Natural fibers, when they are not treated with toxic chemicals, allow your skin to breathe while you sleep. Synthetic materials block this very important natural body process.

11. Beware. Most 100% cotton sheets on the market are treated with formaldehyde. This fact not only exposes you to toxic chemicals while you sleep, putting a strain on your immune system, but it also blocks air flow.


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