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Do You Sleep on a Healthy Bed?

by Eliana Jantz

The best way for me to begin to really address the “health” of your bed is to introduce you to the age-old wonders of pure wool.

I have been developing alternative sleep environments since 1980, using the best natural materials I could find, namely organic cotton and wool.

Through my business The Natural Bedroom, I soon came to the obvious conclusion that wool is superior to any other fiber, natural or synthetic, when it comes to creating a “healthy” bed.

Here’s why:

  1. Wool handles moisture better than any other fiber. Completely mildew resistant, you, the sleeper, will always feel comfortable and never overly sweaty. There is no chance of mildew forming in the wool. (Mildew is one of the main irritants to the immune system, and people are often unaware of the presence of mildew in their bed).
  2. Wool responds to your body temperature changes instantly, always keeping you in the comfort zone. Never too hot nor too cold. This means wool will be comfortable in the winter as well as summer. For couples who share the same bed but require different conditions for optimal comfort, wool allows for it, by acclimating accordingly.
  3. Wool provides a wonderful resilient quality of support to your body. Again, it seems to cover the gamut of differing individual preferences, and is therefore a blessing to the couple sharing a bed. Wool can be a great relief for menopausal symptoms, as well as arthritic symptoms.

Wool has been a great friend to humanity for thousands of years the world over.

America lost its connection to wool when the industrial revolution introduced us wholesale to synthetics and their toxic counterparts. Europe never lost its appreciation for wool. Wool is their mainstay ingredient for quality bedding.

The wool I use is sheared locally and purchased directly from the woolgrowers. It is then washed and carded (combed into consistent layers ­ batting). This very “pure” form of wool is used to make comforters and mattress toppers (or mini-mattresses), wool pads, wool comforters, and pillows, including neck-support pillows.

Untreated and unbleached cotton muslin surrounds the wool. There is no direct contact with the wool. You can completely surround yourself with the healing qualities of wool, top and bottom. I can guarantee that the improved quality of your sleep will be immediately obvious.


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