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Are you ready for the Time Change?

Dr. Breus writes that, the sleep deprived situation isn’t going to be helped by the start of daylight savings in the USA. Due to the time change we lose an hour of sleep.


So who will have the most difficulty with the time change? People who like to stay up late  and those in the southeast part of the United States.


As per a recent study sleep problems and fatigue seem to vary by STATE!


This was based on things like age, sex, education, ethno racial group, income, employment, general health, healthcare access and depression, to try and explain why some states seem to suffer so much.


Did you know that night owls are more affected by the time change than early birds?


This chart can help you decide if you are a night owl or a morning lark.


Ask yourself the following questions:


  Early Bird Night Owl
I feel Alert In the early morning Late in the evening
I feel the sleepiest In the early evening Past midnight
I enjoy waking up At 6am or earlier At 8 am or later
I have the most energy A few hours after waking A few hours before bed


What do you do so that you do not become more sleep deprived?

  1. Go to bed 20 minutes earlier Wednesday and Thursday; then another 20 minutes earlier Friday and Saturday. This will help your body adjust to the difference easier.
  2. When you wake up Sunday morning, immediately change the time on your bedroom clock.  Help your brain visualize the time change.
  3. Eat lunch and dinner 30-60 minutes earlier for 3 days before the time change to get your other daily routines in sync for the new time change.


  1. Beginning a few days before the time change, stop drinking caffeine at 1:00 in the afternoon to help with the earlier bedtime.
  2. Avoid alcohol during the weekend of the time change (this one can be tough).
  3. Keep up your exercise during the week for better sleep quality and maybe throw in an extra work out this weekend.
  4. Make sure you get sunlight in the morning the day of the time change to help reset your body clock.


The roads will be filled with sleep deprived people running late for work or school! Make sure you are not one of them!!


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