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Sleep: The Biggest Sleep Stories of 2011

Michael J. Breus of The sleep doctor writes that The year that just ended was a big one for sleep, with lots of important, news-making stories related to sleep and sleep disorders. Here are his picks for the biggest sleep stories of 2011, and the most important sleep advice to come from this year’s most compelling research into sleep.

January 2011

Sleep suggestion: Take your vitamins…for sleep

Vitamins don’t just do your waking body good, they also viagra help improve the quality of your sleep. Vitamin B helps the body’s production of serotonin, the “calming hormone” that lulls the body toward sleep. Calcium also helps relaxation, and taken in combination with magnesium, can help with chronic sleep problems. Vitamin D got a lot of attention this past year-with good reason, since many people (in northern climates, with darker skin tones, elderly, overweight, pregnant and post-natal women) are at risk for Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is showing promise in lowering fatigue and daytime sleepiness.

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