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Dreameasy’s Fall Mattress Promotion

Newsflash: Dreameasy has dropped their prices on 6 of their most popular models! Savings range from 10% – 25%. Retail prices start at $199! Here’s a description of the models that are on sale (Click on the name for an image): 1. Prestige 839 • 8” of Cushiony Performer® Foam • Soothing Aloe Vera Fabric, [...]

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Dreameasy Sweepstakes

What makes you stand out as an individual? Hard work, talent, a well balanced diet, exercise and blissful, healthy sleep on one of our Dreameasy range of mattresses. Would you like to win one of our products? Like our facebook page and enter our sweepstakes.

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5 Surprising Reasons to Get More Sleep

An article in Readers Digest makes us wonder how important the combination of good sleep and a comfortable mattress is. It could make you thinner Sleep lesser and you tend to pile the kilos. So I can have those large fries at McDonalds and sleep another hour ? Or oversleep on a holiday ? It [...]

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